Savings in SB562

When the Legislature passes The Healthy California Act, we will actually spend less than we do today on healthcare.

An economic study found substantial savings from the passage of Senate Bill 562.

Read the study of SB 562

Here are some of the findings:

Families will pay less for healthcare.

The average middle class family will see their out of pocket costs fall by 9% if they now buy insurance, and 2.6% if they get insurance from their employer.

Businesses will pay less for healthcare.

  • Small businesses with fewer than 9 employees who provide healthcare will see costs fall by 22%.
  • Middle-sized business with 10-19 employees will pay 13% less.
  • Even large businesses with 500 employees will pay less.

How Healthy California saves money:

  • Healthy California cuts costs through better administration and lower prescription drug costs.
  • Having one publicly run system will reduce inefficiency and missed prevention opportunities, the way we do with Medicare now.

Californians will get more — a lot more.

  • Comprehensive healthcare including dental and mental health coverage.
  • The freedom to choose your doctor instead of narrow network limits.
  • More money in your pocket instead of in the pockets of insurance companies.

The economic analysis proposes several ways to pay for universal healthcare. The Legislature will be looking at all these proposals as we go forward.